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SwissATCA and PVB have acknowledged the publication of the Strategic Objectives assigned to skyguide by the Federal Council on the 20th December 2019 for the period 2020 to 2023. 

As mentioned in the report, we too look forward to developing our relationship with the management particularly through social dialogue conducted in a progressive manner. 

SwissATCA and PVB are concerned that the Federal Council have not fully recognised the financial difficulties faced by skyguide in service provision at regional aerodromes. These services provide a vital link to local populations and should therefore be wholly financially supported, including their Air Traffic Services, on a Communal, Cantonal and Federal level. 

We are fully aware that life expectancy has been generally increasing (although not linearly across society) and a sustained and fulfilling retirement must be financially assured. However, we would like to remind the Federal Council that the current retirement age of Air Traffic Controllers was defined, through research, as a balance between diminishing dynamic cognitive ability due to age and a person’s ability to maintain stringent medical standards. Should the Federal Council be privy to new research on this matter, we would welcome the opportunity for it to be published. Any change to current conditions must be justified through this research and negotiated between skyguide, together with our members in the spirit that the Federal Council demands.

Notes to editors: SwissATCA is made up of: Aerocontrol, representing Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) working at Zurich airport and air traffic control centre. The ‘Association du Personnel de la Tour de Contrôle’ (APTC) representing ATCOs at Geneva airport. Skycontrol representing regional airports (Sion, Bern, Grenchen, Lugano) and the air traffic control centre in Geneva. The air traffic control section of PVB/APC represents military Air Traffic Controllers throughout Switzerland as well as the regional Aerodromes of St. Gallen Altenrhein and Buochs. Together we promote the highest standards in all aspects of air traffic management and are dedicated to the safety of all who travel or work in the aviation industry. Together with our partners in ATCEUC and IFATCA we represent over 50000 Controllers in 125 countries worldwide. 

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